Lingua Italiana


These are the updates of 14/12/2021:

Updated the "Books - Publications" page making it available
to consult the magazines "Il Collezionista Di Mignon".

These are the updates of 23/11/2021:

Added the page "The extracts for liqueurs".

Updated the "Curiosity" page with photos of a travel minibar.

These are the updates of 13/03/2021:

Updated the "My Book-Catalog" page.

Revised and updated some data on the pages dedicated to Whiskeys.

These are the updates of May 2019:

Renewed the site with the elimination of the side frame that contained the menu;
the same is now available in the two main links "The Collection" and "The Articles".
The Homepage can now be reached from all the web pages that make up the site.

Inserted about 1000 new mignon, for a total of over 9000 items on the site;
these are Whiskey from a collection whose owner, during travel,
he bought mignon abroad especially in England and the United States,
consequently mignon hardly available in Italy.

I recommend visiting the "U.S.A. Whiskey" page where there are now many whiskeys
interesting products from the 30s to the 50s.

These are the updates of 18 / 06/ 2018:

I have updated the page "My Book-Catalog" where I entered the ad
for 2020 to create a printed volume entirely dedicated to Whiskey.

These are the updates of 05/ 09/ 2017:

I added about 800 new mignons (I did not specify the tables as updated
the update affected almost all of them).

I replaced a lot of the photos that were too light (overexposed) in
particular way in the tables:

Canadian Whiskey
French Brandy
Irish Whiskey
Japan Whiskey
USA Whiskey
Whiskey variety - overseas

The worst I have reposted, while those that could be recovered I did
darker with a graphics program, consequently better overall quality
df images.

Change Alphabetical Table Sorting by Product Type (Whiskey, Rhum, etc.)
rather than being ordered first by country and then by Product are now sorted
first by country and then by Producer, so to group and make
contiguous the mignon of the same producer.

Deleted page "My Favorites".

Updated the page "Special Mignon" now called "Curiosity" which among other things
boasts a considerable number of custom mignons for bars and restaurants.

Add this page "Updates" where I will list the future
changes made to the website.

Adding the "My Book-Catalog" page where I illustrate the idea of accomplishing
a book / catalog printed with the mignons of my collection.

Removed all links that are no longer active from the "links" page.