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Brief History of Bburago

The Bburago, Lombard company founded by Cavalier Mario Besana in Burago di Molgora, begins his story
in 1974 as "Martoys" becoming the following year "Bburago".
Even the "Mebetoys" is a close relative of the Bburago founded in 1966 by Mario Besana and always sold
then at Mattel.

"Car Models to play there," was the slogan that appeared on the advertising of the early 80's and in fact
this has been the policy of production where the model was not intended to be displayed in the window,
but to be "played."

The Italian Bburago ceased production in 2005 after the failure, and the brand was bought by
China May Cheong Group continues production in China in maintaining catalog still some
older models of the Italian production.


The point of strength was the Bburago 1:24 scale in addition to the good price-performance ratio that has made the
success in the modeling industry.
The first product model was the Renault Alpine (cod. 0101):

While the 1:18 scale is the appearance in the late '70s with the Rolls Royce Camargue (cod. 3001):

The experience continued with the scale 1:43, a series of Formula 1 cars in 1:14 and a series of trucks
FIAT 1:43.
(Picture two examples of scale models 1:43):

The first cars were characterized by 4 or 5 openings, decreasing thereafter for needs
production sometimes only to opening doors, many elements such as the wheels, the steering wheels and levers
exchange were standard, consequently identical on all models.

Of a given model, in addition to a range of different colors, can exist numerous variants:
street, racing, police.

The quality of these models is increasing year by year at the beginning of the 80 are inserted
steering wheels, but the leap is had in 1985 with the Ferrari 288 GTO, model with 4 openings,
interior door panels covered with, rubber tires with stellar rims, as well
to the interior and good reproduction of the engine:

Significant was also the production of assembly kits in the scale 1:24 and 1:18; in practice it was the
same models sold assembled, presented in kit, easy to carry with
already painted body and enriched depending on the model with decals water.

One of the first mounting kit:

Also mention the "economic" series, characterized by some special non-chrome, as the
rims, steering wheels and gear levers.

Many also produce advertising and promotional models like those produced for distributors to
Fuel "IP" or the commemorative versions.
(In photos Ferrari Testarossa Italy '90 and a key ring):

In 2002 he born the collaboration between the Bburago and Giugiaro Design for the construction of "Prima";
a 1:18 scale model car created especially for Bburago, in fact, the true self does not exist,
hence the speedster version:

In 2004 it produced a commemorative model for the 30 of the Bburago life; it is a replication
the first 1:24 model limited edition 1000 pieces, the Renault Alpine:

The catalogs

The Company over the years has published many catalogs in paperback; here are some:

It was possible to request them to the shopkeeper, find them in some packages of scale models 1:18, or
request them by mail by writing directly to Bburago.

Leafing through the magazine "Mickey Mouse" from the mid-70's, it is possible to reconstruct the history of this company
through advertisements that appeared, first sporadically and then in the 80's in almost all the numbers,
You can also get a personal catalog with all models advertised on the "Mickey Mouse."

In these pages I put the models of my collection in scale 1:24 and 1:18;
for people like me who was a kid in the 80's these models accounted for happiness and fun,
and now finds himself a nostalgic of the time, the cars of Bburago
today represent an object to find and collect.