Lingua Italiana

One of my projects for the future is to make a book / catalog printed with
the mignons of my collection.
I do not have the claim to make a catalog as they were made in the past,
it would be almost impossible to work because of the large number of mignons in circulation.
For me, a volume would be enough to transfer my collection to paper.

This web site has still allowed me to make my collection visible to
a lot of interested users and it has certainly proven to be more effective than a printed book.
the website has many positive aspects such as the ease of updating, the ability to
be displayed by anyone who has a PC connected to the Internet and the
cost virtually nil.
instead, the book can not be updated unless it is printed
it prints a volume of update, the spread is definitely more limited than
a website and ultimately the indispensable cost of printing.
On the other hand the site is much more "ephemeral" as it is available today and tomorrow
it may disappear from the web, instead a printed book is something that remains.

An intermediate solution would be to publish a DVD or a
distributed memory.

By 2020 I decided to make a printed volume with part of the
my collection; instead of publishing, it tulls the same (and it would be too much work
dispersive and therefore not very interesting), I chose to publish a selection
Whiskey, among the most interesting.
I will provide attached to the book a DVD that can be consulted by PC, with all the little ones
remaining from the collection.

October 2020:

In this month I finally managed to realize the "Mini Whiskey Collection" project,
a printed volume which I had previously made the layout on a PC.
The 162-page book contains a selection of Whiskey and is divided into the following chapters:

Blended Scotch Whiskey
Scotch Whiskey Single / Pure Malt
Irish Whiskey
USA Whiskey
Canadian Whiskey
Japan Whiskey

There is a List of Producers and a Consultation Guide; it is basically
a photographic catalog and the mignon described are about 1000.

The volume includes a DVD with the entire collection consisting of over 9000 miniature in
HTML format (this is the website you are currently browsing).

The edition was 50 numbered copies, it is not for sale and I distribute it only to
friends, relatives, acquaintances.

Having transferred at least part of the collection onto paper was great for me
satisfaction and a new experience.

In the following photos the cover, the back and a sample page: