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Welcome to my Website!
My name is Roberto and I am a collector of Asti, Italy,
i started collecting miniature liquor with passion in 1989 at the age of 14 years.
Currently I have about 9800 pieces divided into two main sections: the miniature foreign
Type of Product (Whisky, Rum, etc.). Mignon while the Italian
Italian companies (Stock, Ramazzotti, etc..).

The present mignon are not for sale and personally I do not buy mail order,
This site was born from the idea of making visible to other collectors and maybe to my collection
them fall in love to all those who come for the first time
collecting miniature bottles;
can be a useful guide for the beginner can have a fairly broad view of
on miniature bottles, but also for those who collect for a long time and research
certain pieces.

I did not ever dwell on a particular subject, I always liked to have it
a collection that touches all themes, so you have the widest possible panorama
on mignon collections.
However I have my preferences, such as the miniature Italian Companies of the 60s, the Port,
Sherry's and then I am fascinated by all the bottles that come from distant countries and
exotic, such as Argentina, South Africa, etc.

The Mignon of the Italian Companies (Stock, Ramazzotti, etc.) are in alphabetical order per Product,
while the mignons by Product Type (Whiskey, Rhum, etc.) are in alphabetical order
first by country and then by Producer.

Estimate the value of which I attributed to all mignon (1 to 5 stars) is an assessment
all of the staff considers the rarity and seniority than the aesthetics.

The English translation was made with an online translator,
i apologize for any errors.

A tip for collectors:

the pages that make up this site, taken as a whole, represent a sort
catalog,so you can download and save them on your PC and you can consult them
to compare the pieces of your collection or discover new variants to search for.

If you want to write for more information about a specific piece or
you have any questions regarding the collecting of miniature, within the limits of my knowledge,
I'll be happy to answer them! Good Consultation!

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This is not a commercial site and the merchandise is not for sale.
All images and lyrics are owned by "Mini Mignon Collection",
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