Lingua Italiana

On this page I have included all the vintage miniature seal with metal in my collection.
By marking the time the tax is possible to establish a miniature; before 1933 were used for
ties with the Savoy coat of arms, and were then adopted the seals metal of which there are four types:

Seal and Arms of Savoy monarchy with lateral beams
(symbol of the fascist regime) from 27-11-1933 to 31-5-1944 used.

Seal Crest Savoy monarchy without side beams
1-6-1944 to 30-12-1947 uses.

Seal 1, the Republic (head of a woman) used by 31-12-1947
to 29-4-1949.

Seal 2 nd Republic (Star) from 30-4-1949 to 15-6-1959 used.

Normally these seals were cut from the "l 1 / 10" but you can also find on the miniature seals
with cuts from "L. 1 / 4", when used by the company, eg. seals were exhausted from "l 1 / 10".
Subsequently, the metal seals were replaced by various types of cable ties in various denominations, to
up to the present period with the new types of delivery, that 's "Excise duty on ethyl alcohol" and
"Excise duty on intermediate products", which entered into force November 21, 2003.

NOTE: When you came into force a new statutory provision that would change the types of marks,
The Company was authorized to apply most of the time marks until stocks are exhausted,
consequently a miniature bearing eg. a Star Seal (used until 06.15.1959), is likely to be
was also produced in the period following this date.